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Pitmaster - Special Edition

Pitmaster - Special Edition

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Lejonjon Handmade Beard Oil 

Scent Profile 

Forget the smell of charcoal; embrace a scent that rivals expensive colognes. The Pitmaster beard wash is designed for the man who wants to stand out with a distinguished and memorable aroma.

Product Description

Our beard oil ingredients are sourced and made in New Zealand with the finest natural mixtures of oils. Being some of the best in the market right now, Lejonjon Beard Oil is designed for the skin underneath the beard to help eliminate beard itch, eliminate ingrown hairs, soften, enhance, tame, and look after the skin and facial hair to promote healthy, stronger hair growth.

Our beard oil works on the hair to soften and strengthen the strands; this helps to prevent split ends and brittleness. A common "side effect" of growing a beard is the dead flaky skin under the beard's hair; this is similar to dandruff, and this is what the oil targets to eliminate.

"Beardruff," as we like to call it is produced from an imbalance or lack of sebum oil (The oil that naturally occurs in the skin). Beard oil assists in balancing and adding the naturally produced oil so that it can reach the ends of the hair, where it can keep it healthy and glossy.

Generally, the body struggles to produce enough sebum oil to nurture the whole beard, so this is where the beard oil shines! This works its magic throughout the stubble-to-beard stage but is used to maintain a beard at its final stage. We recommend using Lejonjon beard oil and Lejonjon beard balm together for the best results.

Our beard oil is lightweight and purposely made to help condition and make shiny beard hair. Our lightweight formula won't weigh down your beard or make it feel greasy.


  • Organic - Cold Pressed - Jojoba Oil
  • Organic - Cold Pressed -Sweet Almond Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil Blend

Please note that this beard oil is made with a custom fragrance; please test a small area for allergies before use.

Check out this How to Use Handmade Beard Oil and What Is Beard Oil?

Made in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nostalgia in a Bottle

This scent smells like 18 year old you, the morning after a night sitting round a bonfire with good mates, drinking till the wee hours . You've just rolled off the couch, sprayed some deodorant quickly and stumbled out the door in search of a Blue Powerade and a pie.
This is superb, can confirm.

I love the review Les! Thanks for the laugh, super stoked that you like the product!

Greg Johnson

smells great

Thanks Greg! Always slightly nervous releasing new scent lines!