How Soon before my order is shipped?

After an order is placed, it will be processed generally on the next day but please allow 1 - 3 business days, as we tend to make our product to order to ensure it is as fresh as possible. Please note we send our items with the request to be signed for by the reciever, this may result in a "card to call" left by the courier if there is no one to sign for the delivery. Please inform us at the time of your order if you would like the signature request removed, once delivered the package will be at your own risk. 

During holiday periods this may be a little slower & we will work as fast as possible to ship your order. 

How do I know my order has been shipped?

You will get a notification and tracking details sent to the email address you provided once the order has been shipped.

You can also contact us via live chat or email at

What does your free shipping apply to?

Any orders within New Zealand that are not Rural will receive free shipping. Rural addresses incur a subsidized $4 flat rate

Where are you located?

We currently run our online store from Christchurch, New Zealand

How long does your product last for?

Because our products are made from natural ingredients like Vitamin E they should last around 12 months and sometimes up to 24 months, this is also dependent on how the product is stored. We recommend storing out of direct sunlight and in an area that does not change temperature drastically, Bathroom cabinets and bench tops are a good place to store our items. On the window sill that gets direct sunlight all day is not a good option.

What product/s should I buy?

This is entirely up to you and your beard, we would recommended starting with a beard oil and a decent brush. Please feel free to read more about our products and what they do here on our blog page.

How Often should I use each product?

Beard Wash

Generally, it's personal preference and up to you but if you spend most of your time around lots of dust and grime, then wash your beard daily. 

If you spend most of your time in a clean environment, you can wash 2 - 3 times a week.

Beard oil

This is also personal preference, however I would recommend using 2 - 3 times a day.

Beard oil should last 4 - 6 hours so you can use that as a rule of thumb or apply as you see fit.

Beard Balm

Once again personal preference tends to overrule here. I would recommend using in similar intervals to beard oil. I personally use beard oil and balm together 2 - 3 times and day.

Do you test products on animals?

No, we never have and never will !! The only testing we ever do is on our own beards and skin. 


Do I need to pay with Paypal ?

No you don't, if you want to pay with a different service click "more payment options" underneath the "buy with Paypal" button, enter your details and proceed to "Shipping" then "Payment options". 

I have a nut allergy, can I use your products?

We use 100% natural nut carrier oils in our products, if you have a nut allergy we would not advise you to use our products.


My beard oil nozzle isn't spraying

We aim to check every spray nozzle before dispatching but very occasionally we may get a faulty nozzle from our suppliers slip through the net. If your having any trouble with your nozzle please attempt the below troubleshooting.  

1. On first use, pump the spray pump nozzle 7 - 10 times or until oil comes out, New bottles usually require several pumps on first use. 

If it's still not pumping..

2. Unscrew the spray nozzle, remove the nozzle from the bottle and cut a small amount off the bottom of the straw to shorten it slightly. Replace the nozzle and attempt to pump.