Why We Don't Sell Derma Rollers for Beard Growth: Debunking the Myth

Why We Don't Sell Derma Rollers for Beard Growth: Debunking the Myth

Debunking the Myth

At Lejonjon our commitment to our customers is trust and consistency. We only stock products that we believe in and have personally tested to confirm they have the best benefits for our beards and skin. We often get asked why we don't stock derma rollers. Due to their popularity in the market, it would be good for our pockets, but not from our point of view with trust to our customers. We see it this way: if we wouldn't use something as bearded dudes, why would we sell it to other bearded dudes? We believe derma rollers are more of a "hype" product than the miracle they can be made out to be "to make hair grow magically" where it has never grown before.

Typically, we see "beard growth kits" in the market being sold in conjunction with a "growth oil" (which is usually a standard beard oil that does not contain minoxidil.) We do not recommend these kits or minoxidil but if we still can't steer you away from these products by the end of this post, we suggest atleast chatting with your medical professional before using them.

Understanding Derma Rollers

Derma rollers, also known as micro-needling rollers, have received attention for their claims that they will stimulate beard hair growth. The idea behind these is fairly simple: these tiny needles are designed to create small holes in the skin, which are then supposed to kick the body in to start creating collagen and stimulate the hair follicles to grow. While, in theory, it sounds interesting and promising, we've found that the reality of our testing is less convincing. 

The Lack of Scientific Evidence

Although the claims by manufacturers that make and/or sell these are vast, there is very little to no scientific evidence supporting derma rollers for beard growth.
The studies we have come across are all in regards to scalp hair (not facial hair), and are based around using derma rollers and minoxidil in conjunction on areas where scalp hair had previously grown, not on areas where hair never grew before. Minoxidil comes with more risks, we cover some of these, which you can read about by clicking the link below or jump on google to find out more about Minioxidil

Keeping in mind that Minoxidil and derma rollers have been used in conjunction with some success on areas that have previously grown head hair, this differs vastly from an area that has never grown hair before. This is one of our biggest concerns with derma rollers, as most men who have never been able to grow hair in a specific area will not be able to grow hair in that area. However, over time, most gaps will be filled with hair from surrounding areas if given enough time to grow naturally and to fill out a full beard without trimming over time a good period is 6 months to a year.

Potential for Infection

There is another serious concern we see with using derma rollers, and this is the potential for infection. They are required to be regularly cleaned with disinfectant, as the needles can contain bacteria, which increases the chances of skin infection and irritation. The disinfectant can also be pushed into open wounds in the skin caused by the derma roller causing further irritation. We prioritize beard health and the well-being of ourselves and our customers, this is another reason as to why we choose not to stock these products. 

Our Experience and Customer Feedback

At Lejonjon, we've tried many different beard care methods, including derma rollers, growth oils, and supplements. Through our testing and feedback, we've found that while some men may suggest they have had improved beard growth, it generally appears that this correlates with the natural beard growth progression rather than the stimulation of the derma roller itself. Users who have initial improvements may simply be seeing the results of normal beard growth they hadn't previously allowed to fully develop historically. From our experience, some areas of the beard grow slower than others and, over time, fill patches and other areas that are thinner. 

Our Commitment to Effective Products

We prioritize products that we have used and have  received positive results from our customers. Our beard care ranges from nourishing oils, conditioning balms, softening butter, and mild beard wash. We choose to use ingredients and formulas that have provided great benefits and results for us and others rather than following trends that lack substantial evidence. 


Derma rollers might have a place in skincare routines for some people. We remain laser focused on producing and offering beard products that we find actually work for us as bearded blokes and customers that support us due to this. Transparency is important to us, and if your looking to improve your beard care routine, explore our vast range of products designed to keep your beard healthy, growing itch and dandruff free. 

Our Tips to for healthy beard growth:

  • Beard Wash: For removing dead skin without stripping the natural oils.

  • Beard Oil: Designed to be rubbed into the skin under the beard to combat itchiness and dandruff.

  • Beard Balm: For holding, shaping and softening dry, coarse beard hair.

  • Beard Butter: Same as balm but with a more natural hold due to containing no beeswax.

That's all for today. Keep on bearding, gentlemen!

The Lejonjon Team.

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