Our Story



In January of 2018, I had been growing a beard for around 8 months, this was the longest I had ever grown out my facial hair out without shaving. Throughout this period I experienced uncontrollable itching and beardruff (dead skin). At this time, I had no knowledge of beard care products and what they could do. 

I was a little self-conscious about growing my beard as with working with vast amounts of different people each day I would frequently be called caveman or be told I needed to shave, I would usually just laugh the comments off but they did get annoying. Beard products helped me maintain the confidence to keep on growing.

Around this time I was starting to look like the actor from Castaway, one afternoon I was looking online for a beard comb and it was then that I discovered beard oil. I bought my first bottle of unscented synthetic beard oil in a 15ml bottle and waited with anticipation for it to arrive. Shortly after my package arrived I thought to myself I had finally found a product to stop the itching and was pretty impressed with how good it made my beard look.

After some short-term usage, I found that the oil was weighing down my beard and I thought to myself it would be great to have a lighter natural product that smelt great. 

It was here that I decided I was going to create my own all natural beard care products for myself and I started researching, buying and testing different oils to make my own secret concoctions. I was pretty happy with my first batch and continued to tweak and adjust my recipes to my liking until I started to perfect them.

Several months had gone by and I was now starting to collect a large number of different essentials oils, carrier oils, and sheets of hand-scribbled recipes. It was around here I also started making beard balm. I had learned so much about mixing oils and how to tweak products to get them right, I was giving away beard products to friends, colleagues and barber shops for feedback which I had requests for more product after they had run out.

I thought to myself there might be others out there that my products could help. Men that were struggling to grow a beard from the issues that had previously caused me to shave. I had never thought of selling my product but helping others to maintain and grow their beards with my product, sounded like a great idea.

I then set out to start my journey to build my brand, I designed logos, stickers, and website to offer my products to preserve the bearded gentleman and Lejonjon was born. 


At Lejonjon we believe in old school values - we source and buy our ingredients locally, we communicate with our customers and we only sell products we would use ourselves. 

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide quality natural products and customer service to our bearded family.