The Lejonjon Story

Lejonjon’s Story

In January 2018, I’d kept my beard unshaved for nearly 8 months, the longest time I’d ever grown my beard without shaving. During this time, I suffered from intense itching and uncontrollable beardruff. I had no idea about beard care products and how magical they worked.

I felt awkward about growing beard as the people at work called me a caveman while others jokingly insisted I needed to shave. Beard products gave the confidence to keep and maintain my beard. When I discovered these products, I was starting to look like the actor from castaway.

One afternoon, I resorted to look for a beard comb online, and it was then that I discovered beard oil.

I ordered a unscented synthetic beard oil in a bottle of 15ml, and waited for it to arrive with much anticipation as it was my first ever beard care product. When the product arrived, I thought to myself this was the ultimate solution to the itching, besides, it made my beard look great.

After some time, I learnt that the beard oil I’d purchased was weighing down my beard. I thought it was wise to get a lighter natural beard care product with a great scent. Then, I decided to create my own all natural beard care products for myself. I researched, bought different oils, and tested them to make my own secret concoctions.

My first batch was pretty impressive and I continued tweaking and adjusting my recipes according to my tastes until I was starting to perfect them.

After a couple of months, I’d started collecting so many different carrier oils, essential oils and sheets of handmade recipes. I also started making beard balm after learning how to mix oils and tweaking the products to make them right.

I gave my friends, colleagues and Barber shops my handmade beard care products for feedback. I got requests for more after they had run out.

I’d figured out there could be more people out there struggling to grow beards. There were men who suffered from the issues that had made them to shave beards unwillingly.

I had never thought about selling my products, but my idea was to help others keep and grow beards with my product. It was then that I set out to begin my journey to build my own brand. I designed a logo, stickers and developed a website for my products to preserve the true beardsmen.

This is how Lejonjon was born.