Are Beard Growth Products A scam?

Beard Growth Products are they a scam?

You may have seen or heard of companies that claim their product will make your beard grow like a caveman on steroids. This is something I've wanted to write about for a while now as I see these types of products all over the internet. There is a vast amount of men that are being pulled into the hype with the expectation that they are going to grow an amazing beard overnight. Many of these companies fail to even display the ingredients that are in their products, which means you could be putting anything on your beard and skin.


There is a product called Minoxidil which is used to treat head hair loss and can actually grow hair on your scalp after several months of usage. This is only while using it, once you stop using it the hair will fall out. This product is available over the counter at pharmacies but must be used regularly and vigorously for it to work. It usually comes in a foam or liquid with a dropper. Both the foam and liquid cause extremely dry skin and itchiness which for a healthy beard is a big no-no, your beard needs hydration and this does the absolute opposite. Minoxidil has been proven to work on head hair and the theory is the same as the beard although it is considered a different type of hair. There has been no research for it working on facial hair and nor is it advertised as such. There are many side effects to using Minoxidil including: 

  • dizziness

  • drowsiness

  • tiredness

  • temporary edema (swelling) while taking this medication, especially during the first few weeks as your body adjusts to the lower blood pressure. This is normal.

  • nausea

  • Vomiting

  • breast/chest pain or tenderness, 

  • changes in the color, length, or thickness of body or facial hair.

  • Once you stop using the product the newly grown hair will fall out

We do not recommend using Minoxidil and this product is most likely not in any of the "Beard growth products" you are viewing online. Minoxidil is an over the counter drug from the pharmacy and not sold freely online. If you are considering using it all please talk to your doctor about the risks.


Beard Transplants

I'm not going to discuss beard transplants, feel free to google what this actually involves at your own risk but this is not recommended at all by us here at Lejonjon.

Testosterone Boosters, Beard Vitamins & Beard GROWTH Oils 


Once again no, we have tried and tested these and they do not work. They are a classic marketing tactic set in place to sell products. 


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the short answer is NO, these products marketed as "Beard Growth" do not work. Now don't get me wrong I would have loved a growth product that filled out my beard like magic in the early days of growing my beard out. We've tried plenty of "growth products" and unfortunately hair will not magically grow in an area it has never grown before. The simple reason being is that it comes down to your genetics, generally, if your father or grandfather had trouble growing facial hair, well then, unfortunately, it's more than likely your not going to have much luck in this department. 

I think most men that start off growing a beard, want thicker and faster growth on their faces quickly including myself. The two areas I would like to have more growth on in the early days was both my upper cheekbones and the area that fills in the soul patch, unfortunately, these fall on my genetics. Over time these have filled in but required growing my beard out with patience and proper maintenance.

Everyone's facial hair grows differently and and at different speeds you need to harness and work with what you have, I've learned to shape my beard for my face type and throughout my bearded journey and I've found what works best for me with trimming and styling to make it appear fuller and denser. Using a quality beard brush, oil, balm and wash will make your beard appear fuller and more dense over time.

To put it simply beard products that are advertised as growth products are not backed up by science and are often used as a marketing plot just to sell as many as possible. Now don't get us wrong we love to sell our products too but we won't make up false claims to sell you to us. We're old school and our values are to bring the best naturally made products to the market without outrageous claims that do not work.  

So What Does Our Beard Oil Do?

Firstly it's advertised as what it actually is "Beard Oil" our beard oil promotes healthy growth and will encourage what your genes are capable of producing. It provides a healthy growing base for your skin and balances your sebum oil to ensure your hair follicles grow the best they can, with the right vitamins and nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. Our beard oil will help make your beard appear fuller and look more dense it will also help to  eliminate ingrown hairs, beardruff (The dead itchy skin under the beard). Our beard oil will keep the skin and facial hair Hydrated, moisturized, soft , tamed and smelling great. 

We won't claim our beard oil will produce miraculous growth as it won't but it will assist the growth your body can produce and will allow you to grow the best beard you can. All our products are made from natural ingredients and we are clear about what we use in our products so you can be sure of what you are putting in your beard and on your skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Beard Growth Products:

Q: Do beard growth products actually work?
A: The short answer is no. Many products marketed as "Beard Growth" products do not have scientific backing and are often used as a marketing tactic to sell more products. While some products claim to stimulate beard growth, they are not supported by research and may not produce the desired results.

Q: What are some common types of beard growth products?
A: Common types of beard growth products include testosterone boosters, beard vitamins, beard growth oils, and topical treatments like Minoxidil. However, there is limited evidence to suggest that these products effectively stimulate beard growth.

Q: Are there any risks associated with using beard growth products?
A: Some beard growth products may have side effects or risks associated with their use. For example, Minoxidil, a topical treatment used for head hair loss, can cause dryness, itchiness, and other skin irritations. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using any beard growth products, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

Q: What alternatives are there to beard growth products?
A: Instead of relying on beard growth products, focus on maintaining the health of your beard through proper grooming and skincare. This includes using high-quality beard oils, beard balms, and beard washes made from natural ingredients. These products can help moisturize, hydrate, and condition the beard hair and skin, promoting healthy growth and preventing dryness and damage.

Q: Can genetics affect beard growth?
A: Yes, genetics play a significant role in determining beard growth patterns and thickness. If your father or grandfather had trouble growing facial hair, you may also experience similar challenges. While beard growth products may claim to overcome genetic limitations, there is little evidence to support their effectiveness in this regard.

Q: What does Lejonjon's beard oil do?
A: Lejonjon's beard oil is designed to promote healthy beard growth and provide essential nutrients to the hair follicles. While it won't produce miraculous growth, it can assist in maximizing your beard's growth potential. Additionally, Lejonjon's beard oil helps hydrate and moisturize the skin and beard, reducing itchiness, beardruff, and promoting a softer, more manageable beard.

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