What Is Beard Oil?

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a skin nourishment cosmetic that protects the skin under the beard, and keeps the beard clean and healthy. It takes a beard oil to become a game-changer in keeping a well maintained and good looking beard. It takes time, patience, and much more effort to breed a well-manicured beard.

Our Beard Oil

Made locally in New Zealand, our collection of beard oils is intended to make you fresh, refined and outstanding in the beard game. Our beard oil is made from natural ingredients including both organic and pure essential oils, thus makes it last for up to 12 months.

The ingredients we use in making our beard oils include: Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E Jojoba oil, and Essential Oils. 

Organic Jojoba Oil: This oil closely mimics the human skin oil. It contains vitamins good for the skin and with great moisturizing properties.

Vitamin E Oil: It helps in normalizing oil production and conditioning of the hair follicles. Additionally, this oil can be used as a preservative that gives more life to our beard oil.

Sweet Almond Oil: This oil creates a shiny, bright and silky looking beard hair.

Essential Oils: Essential oils offers great benefits, but most of all helps to provide an amazing scent in the beard.

How Beard Oil Works?

When beard oil is applied, the skin gets all the essential nutrients that enhances growth of beard as best as it can be. There are unscented and scented which comes in a variety of scents.

  • It moisturizes facial hair as well as the skin under the beard.
  • It removes beard itchiness.
  • It creates soft and shiny beard hair
  • It prevents brittleness, dandruff, flaking and dry skin
  • It makes beard easy to maintain
  • It keeps the beards smelling fresh always

Why Every Beards Man Finds Our Beard Oil Necessary?

The oil is essential for the process and stages of growing beards. Without it, you can only keep itchy beard and hair that becomes coarse quickly. It softens and tames the beard making them look shiny and perfectly groomed.

How And When To Apply Oil Beard?

We recommend that you apply the beard oil in the morning immediately after showering or after swimming. This allows the hair follicles and skin pores to absorb the oil easily. Healthy beard comes from proper care of both the skin underneath as well as the beard hairs. Every drop of this oil counts towards making the beard longer and stronger.  A comb is used to ensure the product coats every single beard hair.

Why Use Our Beard Oil?

All our beard products are pre-tested and proven to be perfect for use by individuals who keep beard and barber shops.

If you need any more information about our beard oils, check out our collection of beard oils and related products. Get a beard friendly product from our collection if you are a true beards man. 


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