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Shaving Combo Pack

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Our shave pack is full of everything you need for the perfect high-quality shave!

Get the old school clean shave with this sturdy long-lasting razor.

Guaranteed to give you an extremely close shave and look good while doing it. 

Get rid of those plastic disposable razors that are filling up the landfill and get yourself some quality shaving gear.

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What's in the pack?


  • 1x Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

  • 1x Lejonjon shave soap 120mls

  • 5x Shaving Blades

  • 1x Dscosmetic Synthetic Shaving Brush 

     How to use

    This is only a guide, you may choose to shave to your preference. 

    How to use

    1. Soak your shave brush in a bowl of hot water for 2 - 5 minutes. 

    2. Pour a small amount of hot water on top of the shave soap and leave to sit for 2 - 5 minutes. 

    3. Squeeze and shake the water out from the brush bristles.

    4. With light to medium pressure, swirl your shave brush in a circular motion on top of the shave soap.

    5. Lather directly on to your face with shave soap brush or continue to lather up further in an empty bowl (Recommended). 

    6. Remove the top cap and insert the blade carefully, then replace the cap.

    7. Set your razor to the desired setting our tip is to start at 1 and move up .5 increments to suit your shaving needs. Longer facial hair may need to start higher and work down in .5 increments.

    8. Shave in short strokes to your personal preference with or against the grain.

    9. Run the razor head under hot water to remove hair after every 1 - 2 strokes.

    10. Apply more shaving soap as need until you have finished shaving.

    11. Clean any excess hair out of the razor with water and the provided.

    12. Replace the blade as required and dispose of the old blade responsibly.