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Replacement Razor blades x50

Replacement Razor blades x50

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Replacement Razor Blades Double Edge Adjustable Safety Razor 

Get the old school shave with extremely sharp stainless steel blades.

Guaranteed to give you a really close shave with minimal irritation. 

Get rid of those plastic disposable razors that are filling up the landfill and get yourself some manly shaving gear. 

For best results use in conjunction with our Lejonjon double-edge safety razor

Blade Size
4.5 cm x 2.5 cm (approx)

Stainless steel

Pack size

Features and Benefits

  •  Extremely sharp without the matched aggression.

  •  Easy to remove and replace from the razor.

  •  Easy to clean.

  •  50 blades.

  • Free shipping

  • $0.44 cents per blade

  • Great for beginner or veteran shavers

 How to use

Open the blade insert on your razor and insert the blade carefully, then close the blade insert on your razor. 

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