What Are The Differences Between Beard Oil & Beard Balm?

what are the differences between beard oil and balm


Differences Between Beard Oil & Beard Balm

If you are asking yourself which between beard balm and beard oil is perfect for you, you have come to the right place. However much of these products may seem alike, they are designed for different purposes. Some of the bearded men use both, while others use only one. If you are new to beard keeping and beard care products, worry not, this post outlines all the differences you need to know about Beard Oil and Beard Balm.

How Beard Oil and Beard Balm Are Different

They Have Different Consistencies

  • Beard Balm is firm in nature and somewhat waxy, while Beard Oil is liquid.
  • Beard balm can be less messy because it cannot be spilled. This is important for those who like to carry their balm with them. The beard oil is liquid, it may spill if you have the cap off and you’re not careful.

They Are Designed For Different Purposes

  • Even though both beard balm and beard oil hydrate and moisturize the beard hair, beard balm is perfect for holding, styling, and conditioning.
  • Beard balm can be used as a hair styling product and it’s effective, while beard oil can be used to alleviate itchiness on the skin underneath and it softens the beard hair.

They have different penetration levels

Because beard oil is liquid and can easily permeate the hair, it also is great in moisturizing the skin underneath the beard.

They have similar application methods

Typically, beard balm is “warmed” before being applied by rubbing two of your hands together to create friction and heat, beard oil does not require warming but following the same process when applying works best.  

Which One Is Best For Use?

If you have just begun keeping a beard or have a short beard, then you need beard oil. The Lejonjon Beard Oil stops itchiness, moisturizes the face and enhances the growth of hair. This product is also best for beardsmen who want to keep their whiskers in a natural shape, look healthy and smelling great. If you want to condition and tame your whiskers, the Lejonjon beard balm will do.

Both beard oil and beard balms are the best type of products for making your beard look amazing and healthy. The beard oil creates a perfect environment for your facial hair and skin underneath, by softening and moisturizing it. The beard balm aids in styling your beard and making it look thicker.

We believe you can never go wrong when it comes to Lejonjon’s beard care products. Both our Beard Balm and Beard Oil are sourced and made in New Zealand with all-natural ingredients thus suitable for the true beardsmen. Provided you are using one of these products, your beard needs special care. A well-groomed mustache makes you look and feel great.

For more information about our Beard care products, check out our products collection and get your best beard friendly product. We have Beard Balm, and Beard Oil designed especially for your beard.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Oil and Beard Balm:

1. What are the main differences between beard oil and beard balm?
Beard oil is liquid and primarily used for moisturizing the beard hair and skin underneath, while beard balm is firmer and waxy, designed for styling, conditioning, and holding the beard in place.

2. Is one product easier to use or less messy than the other?
Beard balm, being firm and packaged in a jar, is less prone to spilling and can be carried around conveniently. On the other hand, beard oil, being liquid and usually contained in glass bottles, may spill if not handled carefully.

3. Can both beard oil and beard balm alleviate itchiness and moisturize the skin underneath the beard?
Yes, both products can help moisturize the skin underneath the beard, but beard oil is particularly effective due to its liquid nature, which allows it to penetrate the hair and skin more easily.

4. How should these products be applied?
Beard balm is typically warmed by rubbing it between the palms before application, while beard oil does not require warming but can be applied in a similar manner by rubbing it between the hands and then through the beard.

5. Which product is best for beginners or those with short beards?
For beginners or those with short beards, beard oil is often recommended as it helps alleviate itchiness, moisturize the skin, and promote hair growth. However, if styling and conditioning are priorities, beard balm may also be suitable.

By understanding the differences between beard oil and beard balm, individuals can choose the product that best suits their needs and preferences for beard care. Both products contribute to keeping the beard healthy, moisturized, and looking great.

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