What Is Beard Wash?

Lejonjon beard wash

The Lejonjon Beard Wash Formula

Nobody wants to keep itchy or dirty beard, it’s annoying and uncouth. If you have not washed your beard for a while, it’s high time you grabbed our Handcrafted Dirty Beard Wash formula. It is intended for keeping beards clean, and the skin underneath healthy.

Why Our Beard Wash?

We offer a perfect beard wash product, precisely designed with amazing beards in mind. Our formula is gentle on the face and can handle thicker and denser beard hairs.

Tired of regular beard or hair shampoo? Use the Lejonjon Beard Wash. Sourced and made in New Zealand, this beard wash is intended to keep your beard growing and glowing in good health, looking well-hydrated, sparkly and tidy. Our Beard Wash formula is designed specifically for the beardsmen.  

Our intention for developing this fierce Beard Wash formula was to enrich the experience of the true beardsmen by offering an effective alternative of keeping the beard fresh, clean and shiny. Our Handmade Dirty Beard Wash removes all the daily contaminants on the skin underneath.


Due to real world conditions, the facial hair is extremely susceptible to the environment and is always exposed to dust, dirt and pollutants, thus requires proper treatment.

Our natural Beard Wash formula comprises of:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Castile soap
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Mixed Essential Oils

How to Use Beard Wash

  • Wet your beard then disperse the Lejonjon’s Beard Wash directly into your beard.
  • Gently massage a slight lather between your hands and then into your beard.
  • Leave the beard wash in for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse out product with warm water.


There are many options in the market but our Beard Wash beats the odds. It is second to none and provides the desired results for beard owners. Here are some of the main benefits of our Beard Wash:

Preserves Natural Oil: If you rid the beard of the natural oil produced by the body to protect facial skin, you will make your beard frizzy, dry and cause beard hairs to break apart, resulting in split ends.

Our Beard Wash preserves natural oils of the skin and protects both the skin and the beard hair, making them healthy and strong.

Ensuring Hydration: The skin and the beard hair dries out over time. Using ordinary shampoo may only worsen the condition. Dry hair is unhealthy and can easily be seen. When your beard looks dry, wiry and fragile, grab our Lejonjon Beard Wash that is optimized for keeping your beard hydrated. We provide beard wash formulas designed to heal dry skin and uncouth beard hair and it has been formulated to add extra hydration.

Prevents Itchiness: Of the products that can cut down on itchiness, our handcrafted beard wash formula stands out as the best. Most of the ordinary products in the market are used directly on the skin, but they are not as effective as the Lejonjon’s Beard Wash.

It is made with ingredients that reduce the itching effect. They are beard friendly and have been tried and tested by true beardsmen as well as in local Barber shops.

Protects the Skin: The skin is what defends you from the environment. Conditions like redness of the skin, inflammation, and itching effect among other problems affect the skin. Our beard products and this special beard wash is the best solution for such conditions.

When choosing your beard wash formula, go for that which protects the skin against inflammation and related skin conditions. Our handcrafted Beard Wash makes a perfect choice for all these.

Scent: If your beard is not treated well it may smell unpleasant. Beard Wash has scents that work like magic. However, there is also unscented formula. There are a variety of scents to add pleasant scent to your beard.

If you need any more information about our Beard Wash, check out our collection of Beard Wash and related products. Get a beard friendly product from our collection if you are a true beardsman. 

Beard Wash Collection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lejonjon Beard Wash:

Q: What makes Lejonjon Beard Wash different from other beard wash products?
A: Lejonjon Beard Wash is specifically designed with the unique needs of beards in mind. Our formula is gentle yet effective, capable of handling thicker and denser beard hairs. Made with natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand, our Beard Wash is intended to keep your beard clean, healthy, and looking its best.

Q: What are the key ingredients in Lejonjon Beard Wash?
A: Our Beard Wash formula contains a blend of natural ingredients chosen for their nourishing and cleansing properties. These include Aloe Vera, Castile soap, Organic Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Mixed Essential Oils. These ingredients work together to remove daily contaminants, hydrate the beard and skin, and prevent itchiness.

Q: How do I use Lejonjon Beard Wash?
A: To use Lejonjon Beard Wash, wet your beard and then dispense the wash directly into your beard. Gently massage the wash into your beard to create a lather, then leave it in for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Q: What are the benefits of using Lejonjon Beard Wash?
A: Lejonjon Beard Wash offers several benefits for beard owners. It preserves the natural oils of the skin and beard, ensuring they remain healthy and strong. The formula hydrates the beard and skin, preventing dryness and keeping the beard looking shiny and well-hydrated. It also helps to prevent itchiness and protects the skin from inflammation and related conditions. Additionally, Lejonjon Beard Wash comes in a variety of scents to add a pleasant aroma to your beard.

Q: Is Lejonjon Beard Wash suitable for all types of beards?
A: Yes, Lejonjon Beard Wash is suitable for all types of beards, from short and stubbly to long and dense. Our formula is gentle enough for daily use and effective at keeping all types of beards clean and healthy.

Q: Where can I find Lejonjon Beard Wash?
A: You can find Lejonjon Beard Wash and other related products in our Beard Wash Collection. Visit our website to explore our range of beard-friendly products and choose the perfect option for your grooming routine.

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