How To Care For Your Beard

How To Care For Your Beard

There is no shortcut to a well-groomed beard. The people you see around with good looking whiskers have put in their time and effort to ensure their beard grows healthily. It is one thing to keep and grow a beard, but another thing altogether to make it look great, itch-free, dandruff free and keep it maintained. With our natural, handmade beard care products your beard will look incredible and keep you on top of the game.

Lejonjon products making caring for your beard easy

  • Beard Oil 

This is a beard and skin nourishment product that is used to protect the skin and keeps the beard glowing, clean and healthy. Lejonjon Beard Oil is made with natural ingredients and is comprised of several essential oils or fragrance oils. Cold pressed oils like organic jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. It takes control of the hard and frowzy beard hair and eliminates beard itch.

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  • Beard Balm

A leave-in natural conditioner that moisturizes, conditions, holds, relaxes and styles the beard. The Lejonjon Beard Balms contain natural butters which softens and moisturizes the beard hair. Lejonjon’s collection of Beard Balms also contains natural carrier oils that condition and boosts beard growth. Our beard balm also smells great and is available in multiple scents that smell great. Sourced and made in New Zealand, these beard balms are designed to promote healthy growth. It will help keep your beard in shape and tame those pesky flyaway hairs.

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  • Beard Wash

There are so many commercial products in the market for washing your hair, beard hair on the other hand not so many. The Lejonjon Beard Wash makes a huge difference to the overall health when compared with standard shampoo and conditioner.

Designed to target beard itch and eliminate dirt, its the best way to keep your mane and moustache clean all whilst helping to enhance growth. Our beard wash will help to retain the natural produced sebum oil in your skin and facial hair while normal shampoo and conditioner strip these oils away, eventually resulting in brittle and dry beard hair. 

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Maintenance and Care for the Beard and Skin Underneath

Always remember keeping a well-groomed beard also means caring for your skin. As much as you’d need to maintain and keep your beard clean and looking good, the skin must be treated and kept healthy. If you don’t remember to trim split ends, and forget to keep the skin healthy, then you are likely to fall a victim to itchiness, damaged beard hairs, looking unkempt and rough.

Caring for your beard goes hand in hand with skin care. While maintaining the facial hair and shaving around your whiskers, ensure the skin is clean as well. Here are three quick tips on how to care for your beard and the skin.

Wash it: Nobody wants to use the regular soap that strips the natural oils away. A good beard is bred by use of proper beard wash. Whatever Beard wash you go for, it needs to be gently, greatly scented and healthy for your skin as well as beard hair.

Condition it: Dry and scratchy beards are unbearable and the best way to address this condition is by using the right Beard Balms to condition, moisturize and soften the beard hair. It will also help to tame the beard and makes you look, smell and feel great.

Oil it: You need to oil your beard. While the beard balm conditions and softens the beard, beard oil softens it even further and wards off the beard dandruff. Oil your beard and ensure you smell fresh all the time and the skin and beard hair stays soft and moisturized.

Brush it:  A good beard and mustache comb prevents and helps to remove knots in your beard. They are designed in a unique shape, and the teeth are designed for beard hair for maximum comfort while combing. Beard combs help to spread products like beard oil and beard balm evenly through your beard.

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The boar bristle brush is not just an ordinary brush. It is made for training the beard hair to grow in the desired direction. Boar’s Bristle Brush feel amazing on the beard and skin and brushing can become addictive. The brush is suitable for brushing out dust and other containment's and also activates circulation on the facial hair and skin.

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We have complied together our products together to make some great beard grooming kits take a look below and get your beard friendly products now.

Trio Pack

Beard oil bottles and beard balm jar

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Standard - Beard Care Gift Pack

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Ultimate Beard Care Pack

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why is beard oil important, and how does it benefit my beard? A: Beard oil is essential for nourishing both the beard hair and the underlying skin. It helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin, preventing itchiness and dryness, while also softening and conditioning the beard hair. Additionally, beard oil can help eliminate beard dandruff and promote healthy beard growth. Choosing a beard oil made with natural ingredients, like Lejonjon Beard Oil, ensures optimal results.

Q: What is the difference between beard balm and beard oil, and when should I use each? A: Beard balm and beard oil serve similar purposes but have different textures and applications. Beard oil is primarily used for moisturizing and conditioning the skin and beard hair, making it ideal for daily use, especially in the morning or after washing your beard. On the other hand, beard balm provides additional hold and styling capabilities while still offering hydration and conditioning benefits. It's best used for shaping and styling your beard throughout the day or whenever extra control is needed.

Q: Why should I use beard wash instead of regular shampoo or conditioner on my beard? A: Beard wash is specifically formulated to cleanse and nourish facial hair without stripping away natural oils, unlike regular shampoo and conditioner designed for scalp hair. Using regular shampoo or soap on your beard can lead to dryness, irritation, and brittle hair due to the harsh chemicals and lack of moisture retention. Beard wash, like Lejonjon Beard Wash, targets beard itch, removes dirt and buildup, and helps enhance beard growth while maintaining the natural oils produced by the skin and facial hair.

Q: How important is it to care for the skin underneath my beard? A: Caring for the skin underneath your beard is crucial for maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard. Neglecting the skin can lead to itchiness, irritation, and dryness, which may result in damaged beard hairs and an unkempt appearance. By washing, conditioning, and moisturizing the skin beneath your beard, you not only promote healthy beard growth but also ensure overall skin health. Incorporating beard care products like beard oil, balm, and wash into your grooming routine helps maintain both beard and skin health for a well-groomed appearance.

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