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6 Benefits of Beard Oil for Beard Grooming

6 Benefits of Beard Oil for Beard Grooming

While beards remain trendy in the world, the use of beard oil has gained popularity too. There are important things about this beard care product you should know.

Beard oil is an essential beard care product that moisturizes, nourishes the beard and the skin beneath it to enhance the appearance, health, and texture of the facial hair. There are different formulas currently available in the market including a mixture of different natural oils. Among our ingredients are; cold pressed organic jojoba oil, cold pressed sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils or fragrance oils. Our recipes have been tested and trialed to get the best out of the oils available.

Why Beard Oil is Important

It relieves itching and cures dry skin: Beard oil is specially designed to balance the oil levels in the skin under the beard hair. The reason for this is to create the best environment for your beard to grow in.

The body tends to struggle to produce enough natural sebum oil to nurture and moisturize the full hair length of a grown mans beard and that is why we need to supplement it with a good quality beard oil.

Itching and dry skin are caused by old sebum oil drying up and "Crusting" underneath the hair also known as dandruff and this is exactly what beard oil targets directly. This ensures there is the correct amount of nutrients are available to strengthen and grow our beards healthy.

When we supplement the lack of natural oil available and eliminate it from "drying up", we reduce the chance of irritation occurring thus removing the itch and the dry skin that is caused. 


It enhances your scent and makes your beard look amazing:  Not only will our beard oil make your beard look healthy, thicker, softer and well-kept. We also have a vast range of non overpowering Lejonjon beard oil custom scents available to keep you smelling great as well! 

We know scent is similar to taste so we have a little something for every nose type, whether you're after earthy, woody, fruity, citrusy, masculine heavy, traditional or just something slightly different. Our range of beard oil scent are not matched. You can check out our full scent range here. We also have sample packs available to find your favorite!

Anti-inflammatory properties: inflammatory problems are common within bearded men, for example, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. These type of conditions weaken the facial hair, can cause hair loss, flaky and dry skin. Using beard oil helps to eliminate the discomfort caused by these issues due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties they contain.

Helps to Prevents Ingrown hairs: Beard oil is the most effective beard care product that helps in reducing ingrown hairs. Applying a high-quality beard oil helps to balance sebum levels in the skin, which in turn helps to ensure the hair is healthy and does not become brittle resulting in hair follicles breaking creating a prime base for an ingrown hair to form.

Makes beard styling easy: Fuller beards can be very difficult to tame especially when they are dry, brittle and coarse. Our natural beard oils are made to help maintain and soften the beard hair making it easy to style and brush.

When paired with beard balm you will get the maximum results for easy styling, plus your beard will smell great and stay positioned where you want it.

Easy maintenance: You may find you want to trim your beard regularly. If you really want to keep a neat looking beard, you should ensure that you use a solid beard oil that maintains and keeps the facial hair fresh all the time. This will make trimming easier as the hair will will be healthy and less prone to split ends.

Caring for your beard with a beard oil is essential if you want to achieve maximum results in the process of mainting and growing it our. Beard oil helps to improve skin health and makes the facial hair soft. Overall it will keep your beard itch-free, dandruff free and ensure your beard hair is easy to maintain and style.

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Q1: What are the main benefits of using beard oil?
A: Beard oil offers numerous benefits for beard grooming, including relieving itching and dry skin, enhancing scent and appearance, providing anti-inflammatory properties, preventing ingrown hairs, making styling easier, and facilitating easy maintenance.

Q2: How does beard oil relieve itching and cure dry skin?
A: Beard oil helps to balance the oil levels in the skin beneath the beard, preventing old sebum oil from drying up and causing itching and dryness. By supplementing the natural oils, beard oil ensures that the beard receives the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and reduces irritation.

Q3: Does beard oil enhance scent as well as appearance?
A: Yes, besides making the beard look healthier, thicker, softer, and well-kept, beard oil also comes in a variety of custom scents. These scents range from earthy and woody to fruity and citrusy, catering to different preferences. Lejonjon offers a wide range of beard oil scents to suit various tastes.

Q4: How does beard oil help prevent ingrown hairs?
A: Beard oil helps in reducing ingrown hairs by balancing sebum levels in the skin, ensuring the hair remains healthy and does not become brittle. This prevents hair follicles from breaking, creating a prime base for ingrown hairs to form.

Q5: Is beard oil suitable for easy styling and maintenance of beards?
A: Yes, beard oil not only softens and maintains the beard hair but also makes styling easier. When paired with beard balm, it provides maximum results for styling while keeping the beard smelling great and positioned as desired.

Q6: How can I ensure easy maintenance of my beard with beard oil?
A: Regular use of beard oil helps maintain healthy facial hair, making trimming easier and preventing split ends. Using a quality beard oil ensures that the beard remains itch-free and dandruff-free, facilitating easy maintenance and styling.

If you have any other questions about beard oil or beard grooming in general, feel free to explore our range of beard oil products or contact us for further assistance.

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