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Wait what? Liquid beard conditioner could be money down the drain?

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It's been a little while since our last blog post and this topic is something we have been asked about in the past several times, so we thought it would be a good time to write a post to cover why we don't stock or craft a liquid beard conditioner. Don't worry we'll keep it short.

So what is a beard conditioner and what does it do?
A beard conditioner also known as softener is considered a follow up step to washing your beard with a beard wash. Generally marketed with conditioning and softening results for beard hair. 

Is using a specific liquid beard conditioner a bad thing?
Yes it can be, stripping oils from your beard is a big no no and our main point here would be that a beard wash should be mild enough so it doesn't actually strip all the oil away damaging the beard in the process. A specific conditioner shouldn't be required to mask the oil stripping and damage that occurs from a badly formulated beard wash with cheap harsh ingredients. Often the conditioners also contain a concoction of harsh ingredients themselves, and over time will result in brittle dry hair whilst laying the foundation for ingrown hairs, skin irritation and beard druff. 

Ok, so what do you recommend?
Instead of using both a wash and conditioner we recommend using a mild beard wash every 2 - 3 days that does not strip all the oil away but will still remove the dirt, grime and any build up acquired throughout the week.

How do I rehydrate, condition and soften my beard then?
For conditioning all you need is a good quality beard oil after a mild washing that if required/preferred can be accompanied with a balm or butter for that extra hold or softening/conditioning factor. In our opinion this method is far superior to a liquid beard conditioner that quite literally is removed from the beard and washed down the drain.  

A good mild beard wash in our opinion should not require a specific conditioner as follow-up, a quality oil by itself or combined with a balm or butter will provide your beard with all the conditioning that you require in your grooming routine. This is also far more cost effective in the long run, as well as less impactful on the environment. The concept in theory is great but in our testing and comparison, does not compete with the conditioning and softening from a quality beard oil, balm or butter and to us a liquid conditioner is money quite literally poured down the drain.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Conditioners:

1. What is a beard conditioner and its purpose?
A beard conditioner, also known as a softener, is a product marketed to follow up beard washing with the intention of conditioning and softening beard hair. It aims to provide additional moisture and nourishment to the beard.

2. Is using a liquid beard conditioner a bad thing? Using a specific liquid beard conditioner can be detrimental to beard health if it contains harsh ingredients or if it's used unnecessarily. If a beard wash is properly formulated to be mild and not strip away natural oils, the need for a separate conditioner is minimized. Overuse of harsh conditioners can lead to dryness, brittleness, skin irritation, and even ingrown hairs.

3. What is the recommended alternative to using a liquid beard conditioner? Instead of relying on both a beard wash and a conditioner, it's recommended to use a mild beard wash every 2-3 days to cleanse the beard without stripping away essential oils. Following the wash, conditioning, softening, and rehydration can be achieved with a high-quality beard oil. For those desiring extra hold or additional softening, a beard balm or butter can be applied as well.

4. How effective is this alternative method compared to using a liquid conditioner?
In the experience of the company, using a quality beard oil, balm, or butter provides superior conditioning and softening compared to a liquid conditioner. These products offer targeted nourishment and hydration to the beard without being washed away, resulting in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly grooming routine.

5. Where can I find products recommended as alternatives to liquid beard conditioners?
The company offers a range of products including mild beard wash, beard oil, balm, and butter, which are formulated to provide comprehensive beard care without the need for a separate conditioner. These products can be found in our products sections.

By following these recommendations and incorporating high-quality beard care products into your grooming routine, you can effectively condition, soften, and hydrate your beard while avoiding the potential pitfalls associated with liquid beard conditioners.

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