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"The Lejonjon Experience" - Write Up By Man In Oz

Lejonjon beard products

The Le Jon Jon Experience

Let me tell you a little story.

Once there was a man who had started to grow a beard, this man didn’t really have any idea how to care for his beard so started to seek out products and advice on beard care. After sampling a small selection of products in the early days, this man came across a product that would remain with him to this day and he lived happily ever after.

Ok, that wasn’t a very good story. Fortunately, that’s not the point of this blog. When I first started working on my blogs, I wanted to not only share advice and guidance but also share my experiences with different products and services so that you, my avid reader, could have a resource to help with such things.

In the early days of my beard growing journey, I didn’t really know what I was looking for in order to care for my beard. There was a lot of contradicting information about what was needed and how to use it. It took more work than I anticipated to find what I was looking for. Generally, I prefer small businesses and, when it comes to my body, more natural ingredients. Finding that good balance can be hard, especially in the men’s care arena. However, that all changed when I found the Le Jon Jon range of products (or they found me, I can’t quite remember, it’s not important anyway).

What makes them so special?

When I came across the Le Jon Jon brand and their products, they immediately fit the bill of what I was looking for. Their products have more natural ingredients, so its no drama for my skin or beard. They are local, well sort of, New Zealand is local to me. They are a small business working to establish their brand. Their variety of products means that they have you covered from everything from Beard Wash to Brushes and from combs to scissors, don’t believe me check out their range here

Peppermint fresh beard balm


                                         The Le Jon Jon Range in my current collection

Ok, so what are the products like to use?

To cover this question, I’ll start at the beginning of the beard care process and follow it through to the end. This is the process I use based on my desired results. While I have sampled several Le Jon Jon products with different scents, the actual application is identical, you just smell a bit different at the end, that’s all.

Having a good beard wash is a necessity not only for keeping your beard clean, but healthy as well. The Le Jon Jon Beard Wash is a liquid wash that comes in a pump pack dispenser. It doesn’t generate as much lather as bar soap, but that doesn’t really bother me as to much lather in a big beard can sometimes bring its own logistical issues (soap in the eyes is one of them). I found the soap works through evenly and has good coverage, it doesn’t get in my eyes and I don’t look like I’m in a shampoo and conditioner ad!

Once your beard is clean and predominately dry, it’s time to apply the Beard Oil. Once again, this oil comes in a pump pack dispenser. At first, I thought I would really struggle with this form of a dispenser, given that my previous oil was in a dropper bottle. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter, I find I get the right amount of oil on my fingers regardless. The oil goes through nice and evenly, with no drippage. The secret here, like all beard oils, is to not overdo it. You’re not in an Old Spice competition at a retirement home, so there’s no need to overdo it with the sauce gentlemen. 1 or 2 pumps for shorter beards, progressing up for longer beards, as a reference point, I currently use 4 pumps. You’re not aiming to coat your whole beard in the stuff, you just need enough to work through the skin and beard base.

Right, now you’re reached optimal oiliness, its time for the Beard Balm. The balm is designed to help your beard keep its shape, conditioned, and strong, because of this the balm is much heavier and thicker. Once again, the amount you need depends on the length of your beard. You’ll know through practice if you’re applying too much or not enough depending on how much balm is left on your hands or by how “under control” your beard is. I generally get out enough product to match the size of my thumbnail and work it into my palms by rubbing them together until the balm is no longer solid. The Le Jon Jon balm breaks down quite well and goes through the beard with relative ease. Don’t forget to work under your beard for those endowed with longer beards. This balm can also work as a hair gel, but I lack folic capacity in that area, so can’t vouch for its effectiveness.

The final elements are brushing and combing. For this, I have a Boar Brush and a Stainless-Steel comb. Always, I repeat, always start with the brush first. This will reduce the chances of getting knots or causing damage such as split ends in your beard. Once you have thoroughly brushed your mane, not forgetting the underside of your beard, then and only then do you move onto the comb. I find that the comb is more effective at dictating the styling as compared to the brush, so if you stick to this method you can’t really go wrong.

The Verdict?

Overall, the Le Jon Jon products tick many boxes and emphasis the importance of using naturally derived products. The one thing that is by far more important is their customer service. It’s rare in this day in age, sad as that seems, to come across a business with outstanding customer service. They accept feedback and are genuinely interesting in how the products are working for you. Many people get caught up in consumerism, wanting fast, easy, perfect. And while we all want those things, it’s also important to support those on the up, working hard to bring us things of value and this is where Le Jon Jon shines.

I’ll be buying more of their products in the future, and that’s as good as 5 stars in my mind.

beard balm in nature
A couple of pond hopping tins.

So where to from here?

Well if you’re interested in fast-tracking to the products I’ve tried, then go to their Beard Care Products page here which you can access the products that I’ve used. From there you can peruse the rest of the Le Jon Jon site and shop at your leisure. 

While Le Jon Jon is NZ based, it is possible to get their products sent straight to Australia, just get in contact with them and tell them I sent you!

Well, that’s it.

My first beard care review done. Over the coming months I’ll be adding more content specifically on beard care, including some YouTube videos done by yours truly, so keep a lookout for them. In the meantime, if you have anything you want me to review, just leave a comment below or send me a contact email and I’ll do my best to get onto it. Its all part of the Man in Oz service.

‘til next time…. Cheers!

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