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Ultimate Guide to Beard Brushing: Tips for a Fuller, Neater Look

How To Brush Your Beard Properly

If you want to get the best out of our brushes and combs, follow our steps on how to brush your beard the right way to help make it look fuller, remove tangles, prevent split ends and keep the hair healthy and and looking well maintained.

This method is suitable for Medium to Long beards.

If you are growing out a beard in early stages, have stubble, or have a short beard our opinion is that you should only require a brush. You should use this in a downward brushing motion as this will help to train the hair for later stages of growth as to when you can utilize this technique. We would still recommend using beard oil at this stage and you can find our beard oil and brush combo here

Generally we would recommend applying our beard oil and beard balm or beard oil and beard butter first, then following the below steps, if required you can read more about what these products are and how to use them in our  blog pages section hereYou can also use this technique without products however the end result will not be as good.

Firstly you will need a decent brush and or comb, if you already have one or both of these, then keep on reading to get started. If you need to get your hands on some of our kit then check out our range of beard combs and brushes here

In this example the brush and comb we recommend using is below, you can find this on the above link. 

Lejonjon tan coloured beard brush and comb

Full Version

Step 1

Brushing beard down

Grab your beard comb and start by combing downwards from the top of your beard/cheek line, comb all the way down to the bottom of your lower beard/ neckline in a downwards motion towards the skin, ensure you comb through the sides and the front and repeat this step several times. The comb teeth tips should be touching your skin as you comb downwards.

You may notice whilst doing this that you feel the hair ends catching in the comb, the amount this occurs will vary depending on how well you currently maintain your beard and the length. This is normal and is a good thing as you are combing out knots and separating beard hairs that are intertwining together prohibiting fuller growth and helping to eliminate split ends occurring. repeat this several times until the comb runs smoothly and until you feel minimal hair catching in the comb teeth.

Step 2

how to brush beard up

Now this sounds counter intuitive but trust us on this one, start by combing your beard hair up and out from the lower beard/neckline to the top of your beard/cheek line in a upwards/outwards motion pulling away from the skin at the end of each pass, ensuring you comb all the way to the ends of the beard hair. The comb teeth tips should be touching the skin as you comb outwards/upwards until you reach the ends of the beard hair.

Once again here you will probably feel more hairs catching prominently and more-so when you brush out passing the the chin area (Dependent on how well you maintain your beard and length). This is a good sign that you are combing your beard correctly as you are combing out knots, separating any intertwining beard hairs and encouraging/training the hair to grow outwards.  

Step 3

By this stage your beard may look like puberty has hit with a full force of the 1980's perm fade! This is good, don't freak out and stop, your on the right track! 

Grab your beard brush (we prefer our boar bristles brushes for this as we find the end result is better).

Repeat Step 1 with the brush, brushing downwards to the neckline, do this several times.

Repeat step 2 with the brush, brushing upwards and outwards, do this several times.

Step 4

how to brush beard down

Now it's time to tidy up the mess!

Using either the comb or the brush(we prefer the brush here as it tends to leave the beard hair looking fuller but you can use the comb if you prefer). 

Starting at the top of your upper beard line/Cheek line, brush straight down vertically from the top of your beard line/cheek line (not following against the skin on the neckline step 1). 

As you brush straight down vertically and reach the bottom/ends of your beard hair, flick the brush slightly in an outwards motion to finish the pass.

Repeat this technique/motion down the entirety of your beard with the sides and front of your beard and moustache until the beard is is fully brushed/combed and tidy.

If done correctly you should now notice that your beard feels softer, lighter and appears to look more fuller than normal, this technique used in conjunction with our beard, balm and or butter will as mentioned provide the best results.

Extra pro tip

We find this is a good point to either trim off any flyaway hairs that are sticking out and tidy up the neckline, cheek lines, and underneath the beard. Our trimming scissors are a good option, you can get away with using an electric trimmer here if you are short on time but this known to cause damage to the ends of the hair follicle, so in our opinion sharp scissors are the better option as they leave a clean cut preventing split ends.

For Reference below is a picture of a hair follicle hair after being cut with an electric clipper.

         Left: Razor blade Cut                      Right: Electric Clipper Cut

Hair follicle cut with scissors

Short Version

Follow Step 3 and Step 4 with either the brush or the comb (The brush would still be our preference here)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use this beard brushing technique for a short beard or stubble?
A: While this method is specifically tailored for medium to long beards, you can still use it for shorter beards or stubble. However, for shorter lengths, we recommend using only a brush in a downward motion to train the hair for later growth stages.

Q2: Do I need to use beard oil and balm before brushing my beard?
A: It's recommended to apply beard oil and balm or beard oil and butter before brushing your beard. These products help in moisturizing the hair, making it easier to detangle and preventing split ends. However, you can still use this technique without products, although the results may not be as effective.

Q3: How often should I brush my beard using this method?
A: The frequency of brushing depends on your beard's length and personal preference. Generally, it's recommended to brush your beard at least once a day to maintain its health and appearance. However, you can brush more frequently if needed, especially if you encounter tangles or knots.

Q4: Can I use an electric trimmer instead of scissors for tidying up my beard?
A: While electric trimmers can be used for trimming, they may cause damage to the ends of the hair follicles, leading to split ends. Sharp scissors are preferred as they provide a clean cut and prevent damage. However, if you're short on time, you can use an electric trimmer cautiously.

Q5: How do I know if I'm brushing my beard correctly?
A: You'll know you're brushing your beard correctly if you're able to detangle knots, separate intertwining hairs, and encourage the hair to grow outward. Additionally, your beard should feel softer, lighter, and appear fuller after brushing. If you experience minimal hair catching in the comb or brush teeth, it's a sign that you're brushing effectively.

If you have any other questions or concerns about beard grooming, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help you on your beard-growing journey!

Keep on bearding, gentlemen!
The Lejonjon team.

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Hey Michael! I would use the steps in this guide by combing/brushing up and outwards fully, then directly back down in a straight line. You can also use a hair dryer and a comb while combing it out and then down, which will straighten the strands and make them appear longer.


I’m new to the beard world. How should I comb my beard to show length?

michael greene

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