5 Tips To Prevent Split Ends In Your Beard

What is a split end and how do I prevent them from occurring in my beard?

When your beard grows into a short beard (past the stubble stage), your body tends to struggle to produce and deliver the natural Sebum Oil that it requires to moisturize and condition the hair follicles.
Once this occurs the hair begins to dry out and then causes the hair to become brittle and it cracks, splitting into two strands at the end. If not addressed, hairs with split ends continue to travel up the hair follicle where it will either snap off or fall out.
Tip 1 - Use Beard Oil / Beard Balm
Using beard oil and beard balm with quality carrier oils like Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Vitamin E and different kinds of butter like Shea & Cocoa. When used regularly, they both condition and lock moisture into your beard, preventing split ends occurring. Our formulas have natural ingredients that are very similar to the oil human skin produces and work in conjunction with the body. 

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Tip 2 - Use Beard Trimming Scissors

Don't cut the whole hair or pull it out, snip off below the end where the hair is separating. If the split hairs are not trimmed, they will eventually split down to the root and fall out. Regularly trimming is essential to a good grooming routine. 
This is a good option if you don't want to go to a barber regularly.

Tip 3 - Use A Gentle Beard Wash - Not Hair Shampoo

General store brought hair shampoo strips the natural Sebum Oil from your hair and skin and leaves both dry and coarse. A gentle natural beard wash maintains moisture and natural oil in the beard while cleaning the skin and hair which in turn helps to prevent split ends. 

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Tip 4 - Refrain From Plucking/Pulling on Split Ends

Alright, I must admit I still pull on my beard hairs and sometimes even pull them out, I sometimes actually strangely enjoy it. The hard truth is that pulling on beard hairs will make them brittle and then contribute to split ends occurring and the hair falling out. So if you can refrain from doing what might help is by replacing the habit with our next tip. 

Tip 5 - Regularly Brushing
Brushing and combing your beard helps to straighten the beard hair, this stimulates and trains the hair follicles to grow outwards and away from the skin. Both brushes also help to move beard oil and balm through the entire beard hair to help keep them coated and protected. When using a comb choose wood, steel or bone as the properties in these help to glide oils evenly through the beard hairs.

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