How to Grow a Beard - Tips and Tricks for becoming a Bearded Man

Have you ever thought about the idea of growing a beard but know absolutely nothing about where and how to start. It’s a simple as stopping shaving and letting the beard hair grow naturally while working on ways to keep it neat and well-maintained. When your facial hair has achieved the desired length, style it as required. In this post, we look at how to grow a beard; tips and tricks for growing a glorious beard.

First, here are 3 quick tips on how to grow a beard. At the end of it all, you will know all it takes to have a full-grown beard that every man craves for.

Give it time to grow                                                  

This is the first step and it the easiest of all as you don’t have to do anything. Simply let nature do the work for you. DON’T SHAVE! The good news about it is, it’s one less task for you. Bad news is that you should wait until the facial hair grows long enough before you can start styling and grooming it. Nevertheless, growing a good beard takes time and patience and there is no shortcut to that. There is a patience that bearded men learn and is a great trait to acquire and will help on growing your beard.

Groom your beard when it’s ready

There is misinformation about being a bearded man that I must explain. Not all men with beards are unkempt or lazy. There are men who groom and maintain neat looking beards. Learning about facial hair and maintaining it, makes men look more mature and knowledgeable.

Some of the best beard grooming products include but not limited to beard oil, beard balm, beard combs and beard wash. When trimming facial hair, avoid the area between your neck and chin. A good base is essential for a solid beard structure and it may look somewhat odd with short hair under the chin.

Enhance the good areas of your beard

Essentially, there is not right or wrong procedure of how to grow a beard. You have the freedom to try out various styles with your beard. If you want to look neat, try short hairs with straight lines. Some people also like to go big and wild. It’s all about personal taste and since you know what you want, go for it and work with your natural growth.

The fact is, every man can figure out the strong points of their beard and focus on growing it to achieve a great look. If your mustache grows nice and thick, a goatee would blend perfectly with your jawline. Sideburns can pair well with the right hairstyle. Face shape play a big part in how you should grow your beard to complement it. If you want more tips, visit your local barber or get in touch with us. 

In general, check on the way your facial hair grows to determine they style of beard that is best for you. Whichever style you choose, we really care about how you grow a beard that complements the man in you and that’s why we invite you to get our beard care products that suit the stage of growth that you are in from our collection. 

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