Beard Balm

Tame that mane with our awesome smelling beard balm which is sourced and made locally in New Zealand.

Beard Balm is a product that is generally suitable for longer beards due to the holding properties it produces, allowing you to shape your beard the way you want to. Our beard balm is made from natural ingredients which means it is safer for you, your beard and your skin.   

Our balm is carefully made by hand and is made to order which we aim to make up within 24hours. Our beard balm is currently available in 5 scents, which have been carefully formulated and tested before releasing to our bearded family We have full trust that you and your beard will love our product. our product has a shelf life of around 12 months. We tend to make our product to order to prolong longevity and freshness.

Due to the great properties of this product, this balm also doubles as hair balm. I currently use this daily to style and hold both my beard and hair leaving them both smelling fresh

We use several different techniques to create our balm, which involves heating, freezing, and whipping. Adding these steps to the process allows us to create a softer balm that is not rock hard and difficult to use as many others are. The finished form is similar in texture to cold margarine. One customer commented "aaahh I've found my goldilocks beard balm, not too hard not to soft, its just right. and the delivery was super fast. thank you."

Beard Balm Ingredients

Organic Jojoba Oil - This is one of the closest oils to human skin oil, has great moisturizing properties and added vitamins for your skin.

Sweet Almond Oil - There are multiple benefits but the main ones are that it creates a bright, shiny and silky look.

Vitamin E Oil - Normalises oil production and conditions hair follicles.

Beeswax - Moisturizes skin and is found in many skincare and cosmetics products. Due to the properties of beeswax, it serves as a great holding ingredient to our beard balm and is rich in vitamin A, meaning it is great to soft and rehydrate your skin hiding under that man mane. Beeswax also is an Anti-Inflammatory and helps to clear acne.

Shea Butter - Naturally rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin F, as well as providing a small amount UV protection from the sun. Shea Butter is extremely good at moisturizing and nourishing skin and reduces inflammation. 

Mango Butter - Naturally rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and vitamin E, which is also full of moisturizing essential fatty acids. Is great at treating dry skin and helps to soothe sensitive skin. 

Mixed Essential Oils - Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and have been used as early as 1188, in medicines and aromatherapy. Essential oils apart from smelling great have many beneficial properties and uses in everyday life. Essential oils allow us to create a great smelling product without any harsh chemicals. 


After a shower, dry your beard by patting it gently with the towel (try not to rub as you want to leave some moisture in your beard). Scrap out a small amount of the balm onto your index finger and work the balm between your hands, The heat from your hands will melt the balm and spread it between your hands.

Run your hands and fingers up into your beard starting from around the neckline and finishing at around your cheeks. Repeat this process to evenly distribute the balm throughout your beard. You can then shape your beard with your hands or you can also use a beard comb I personally prefer to use my hands.

Use more if required but you will notice a small amount will go along way. When using to style my hair I use a little more balm while following the above process, washing any excess off with soap.

Try some of our balms today and we hope you like it as much as we do. 

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